What Makes ARYA Special?

Turmeric, a spice in the ginger family, is known for its golden color that reflects the radiance of the sun. It’s active ingredient – CURCUMIN has been praised for thousands of years for its health benefits.

ARYA (The Heart of Turmeric) contains a unique blend of curcumin that is extracted from the turmeric root that we call ARYA Curcumin+ . Our turmeric extract is tasteless and easily dissolves in water, making for a refreshing drink. Most importantly, ARYA is 27x more absorbed than regular curcumin. In fact, ARYA is one of the most absorbed turmeric extracts on the market today. Incorporating turmeric in your diet is a tradition – backed by science – that has been carried out for over 2,500 years in some parts of the world. We want to bring this tradition to your family!

The Science Behind Our Products

While conducting our research, we were awed by the fact that certain foods such as olive oil, coffee, and spices like turmeric (which contain curcumin) have been shown to have significant health benefits. These foods have been shown to help your body mount a healthy defense against inflammation and are rich in anti-oxidants. Currently there are over 11,000 peer-reviewed publications supporting the myriad of health benefits that turmeric and curcumin provide. We were so impressed with the potential of CURCUMIN the bioactive heart of the Turmeric root, that we developed ARYA.

Specific to the ARYA Curcumin+ formulation, there are over 40 scientific studies published or currently ongoing studying ARYAs impact on overall wellness from joint health, recovery from exercise, liver and cardiovascular functions, mood and cognitive performance! 

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